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The Lady Pista Show is a  mix/talk show presented by DJ, Producer, Recording Artist and Influencer Lady Pista with co-host DJ 4PLaY The show focuses on Lady Pista’s live mashup of explosive sounds, re-mixing South Asian music with western beats from around the world. From new artists spotlight to unfiltered inspiring discussions, Lady Pista is always breaking barriers! Tune in every Saturday from 6-8 PM EST for The Lady Pista […]

Lady Pista is a Canadian-Tamil DJ/Producer/Recording Artist/Influencer best known as a pioneer of multi-genre remixing of South Asian beats with western-inspired instrumentation.

Lady Pista built herself a standout reputation as the first groundbreaking Tamil female DJ in the world! She began her career creating Tamil remixes in the early 2000s, quickly building a growing network of over 20,000+ fans worldwide.

Lady Pista has performed at multiple clubs/shows worldwide and her single “Rise Up” was recently featured on BBC Asian network’s Bobby Friction show! Mainstream outlets have taken notice of Lady Pista and give high praise as an undeniable triple-threat asset ready for take over!

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