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S.U.M’ing It Up

S.U.M'ing It Up with hosts Mz Meech & Amanda discuss music industry standards, tips and tricks specific to BIPOC, LGBTQ and other diasporas that don’t see industry representation. There is a new conversation on the table when it comes to who benefits, who knows what and who gets to sit at the table within Canada's music industry. Statistics show that there are genres within Canada that are highly represented and […]

Michelle Allman-Esdaille is the proud co-owner of The Hook & Company, a Toronto based
referral and resource hub created specifically for music and entertainment professionals. She is a co-author of the Amazon best-selling book, “You Have So Much Potential” which addresses generational healing and how to achieve it. Her goal is to thoroughly and systematically connect service providers and resources in the music industry directly to music artists, from anywhere in the world and has been doing so over the last 5 years.
As an alumnus of the Canada Music Incubator’s – Artist Manager Program, she offers a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and innovation to anything she’s a part of. Not to be misjudged, reaching only 5ft tall, she makes up in her expertise what she lacks in height and is the epitome of the saying ‘Great things come in small packages’!
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