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Catch the UK's very own Mixmaster J on iLive Radio, courtesy of Heart of Love Radio, playing the very best in Reggae Music, guest interviews and much more

Wherever there is a microphone, and turntables (whether vinyl or CD Js), there will be entertainment provided by the master of ceremonies, Mixmaster J!
Being surrounded by various genres from a young age, Mixmaster J developed an aspiration to entertain people through music. His lifelong pursuit has been a duty and a mission as opposed to a fleeting flight of fancy due to a passing fad. This passion has fueled Mixmaster Jay to forge his way forward and become one of Europe’s premier exponents of popular music.
Born to Jamaican parents, Mixmaster J’s first love is unapologetic Reggae, but that does not prevent the experienced veteran from dropping Soul, R&B and Hip Hop when the occasion calls.

Mixmaster J is known to entertain his global listening audience via his radio show, and when he performs live in various countries. There is no continent or city that has not been touched by the Master’s experience. Having been in the industry for years, and being L3 endorsed, there are several artists that J has supported including Bushman, Sizzla, Shinehead, Jah Cure, Taurus Riley, Macka Diamond, Sean Paul and Shaggy- to name but a few. Support includes breaking new music the moment it’s released from the studio, as well as backing artists when performing live.

In 2011 Mixmaster J earned the coveted title of European Sound Clash Champion which recognizes his skills as a selector as well as his mics-manship as the best. With the backing of the fans and a coveted title, J has performed in Canada, the US, France and the Caribbean.

Recently, Mixmaster J interviewed Hollywood legend Eddie Murphy on Mystic Radio, asking several pointed questions regarding a possible Reggae album, as well as the actor’s love for the genre.

Wherever there is a microphone and turntables, you will find Mixmaster J and an enthusiastic audience!

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