Flight 6ix54

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Welcome aboard Flight 654, your go-to destination for all things
lively and buzzworthy in the Afro scene, not just in Toronto and North
America but reaching far beyond! Think of us as the ultimate
edutainment bridge, connecting the vibes from the 6 Toronto boroughs
with the beats and stories from all 54 African countries (yes, hence
the clever ‘654’!).

Our in-flight entertainment includes DJ Damiger’s killer mixes that’ll
have you dancing in your seat. Boogie and Tae are on board too,
spicing things up with talk shows, interviews, and Afro-beat chart
highlights. But hold tight – there’s more! Keep your ears perked for
surprise guest artists, cyphers, and maybe even a few showdowns to
keep the energy soaring.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for a journey of beats,
talks, and all things Afro

Tune in to Flight 6ix54 with DJ Damiger, Boogie & Tae every Thursday at 6:00 pm EST

Tune in to Flight 6ix54 with DJ Damiger every Thursday, 7:00pm EST


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