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The Meet Up

Get ready to tune in to the hottest radio show of the year, where music meets candid conversation, and indie talent takes center stage. Welcome to "The Meet Up," hosted by the dynamic duo, DT The Artist and 4D. This ground-breaking radio show is your two-hour ticket to the freshest sounds in hip-hop, R&B, and Caribbean rhythms, alongside insightful discussions on the music business and navigating the complex world of dating […]

DT The Artist is a seasoned musician, renowned for his lyrical prowess and unique sound that effortlessly blends various genres. His passion for the music industry and his journey as an independent artist will shine through as he shares invaluable tips and tricks for those looking to make their mark in the business.

4D, a true aficionado of all things rhythm and melody, brings his own flavor to the show. With a deep-rooted love for Caribbean culture and music, he adds a distinctive Caribbean twist to “The Meet Up,” ensuring a diverse and electrifying playlist that’s bound to get you grooving.

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