Troy Hacim & Rena


Rena’s energy gives the best of all worlds.

Outside of her professional passion and life’s heartwork to improve systems for vulnerable groups and communities across Toronto; you will find the deepest, most random, adventurous, sentimental, chucklesum, sarcastic soul completely addicted to Amazon Prime. Probably shouldn’t leave her unsupervised. Always looking to make room for shared knowledge, laughter, and creativity like “How’d We Get Here”. A podcast is a new space for her BUT what better place to experiment together, some purpose sprinkled with some entertainment.

Her take on it all is “Life is like a test you didn’t study for”… so study breaks are a necessity not an accessory to survive!!

Troy Hacim
Formerly known as Dj Soulchild to the ILive Family, local and surrounding cities abroad, Troy has embarked on a journey that has now spun full circle. Under his new moniker, Troy Hacim (pron’ haseem) as a dj/producer, his lifestyle supersedes music; he is also a basketball coach and mentor, established youth and community advocate and lover of all things progressive. As one of the hosts for the new podcast “How’d We Get Here” his intentions are to continue learning as much as he passionately shares. His favourite quote is by the late BB. King “The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”

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