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There are two kinds of music lovers: those who accept what the mainstream is offering, and those who want to dig a little deeper. Always digging is definitely for the latter. Dynamic duo Scully Funk and DJ Gazza explore the pop and soul sides of the music coin, both past and present while keeping their ears to the ground for the sound of tomorrow. Sundays 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm […]

Growing up in the culturally deprived suburbs DJ Gazza found escape in alternative radio (CFNY) and imported music magazines (The Face, Record Mirror) As an employee on the infamous Twilight Zone he picked the brains of the resident DJs: The Assoon brothers and Don Cochran. He would compile their playlists and look for the records at various shops: Carnival, Starsound, Record Peddler and of course Goodwill. With the encouragement of his mentor, Uncle Funke DJ Gazza began to pick up gigs at lounges and bistros. DJ Gazza has played at 52INC, EL Topo, Alto Basso, UNA MAS, Ciao Edie, Lava Lounge and SPAHA. DJ Gazza has appeared on the following radio programs:
Out of D’ordinary, UK Spectrum, Kum Monday and Higher Ground.

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