Towa Beer Fundraiser

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On Saturday, November 25, 2023, Towa Beer unexpectedly passed away due to diabetes-related complications. We are devastated.
Towa was a literal force of nature, a pillar of strength and a beloved member of our community. She was also a devoted mother, daughter, sister, and loyal friend who touched the lives of everyone around her with her warmth, generosity, positivity, and infectious laughter. Her love for her daughter Siena was immeasurable, and she worked tirelessly to provide a bright future for her.
Towa will forever be missed. Her untimely passing was sudden and tragic, leaving a huge void but we’re committed to honoring her life.

In loving memory of Towa, we supporting Towa’s GoFundMe campaign to help ease the financial strain. 
All of your contributions will be used to cover the expenses of Towa’s funeral arrangements and to help support Siena’s educational future — let’s ensure the love and determination that Towa instilled continues to thrive.

We are hosting a fundraising day at iLive Toronto, please take the time to support.


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