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Slim & Sandra In The Morning is coming to the iLive Radio Network

Livestreaming in this 'age of Covid' has become far more common place, very few have been as successful as Slim & Sandra In The Morning. Slim, a radio broadcast veteran, started his career back in 1990 producing radio shows for the likes of Tom Rivers & Tarzan Dan. He became a part of the very first Urban station in Canada, Flow 93.5. “I’ve always considered myself blessed to have co-hosted the afternoon drive at Flow...just being allowed in the building […]

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Catch The Replay: The Sound Table with Gwendolyn Collins & Blez

Catch the replay of The Sound Table with special guests, Gwendolyn Collins & Blez. The open format discourse delved into point of view of the artist and the 'value' of their music to their wider audience. The discussion, wrapped in controversy, highlighted the roles of the independent broadcast media, what music means in 2021 and the fallout of the great pandemic of 2020. Catch the follow up show where DJs/Presenters/Broadcasters and Streamers have their opportunity to have their say and […]

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Yahzarah St James releases ‘The Ceremony’

District of Columbia born Ghanian singer and songwriter is a modern day superhero. Known to most as YahZarah, she possesses the ability to move mountains with her music. Her voice has been recognized in groundbreaking musical compositions with Erykah Badu.  Performed her music live on stage with “The Roots” and travels the world as a member of rock icon Lenny Kravitz’s band and was a featured vocalist in his documentary “Just Let Go”(2015).  YahZarah has released four fulfilling solo album […]

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iLive Music launches an independent soul podcast

iLive Music, the parent company of iLive Radio have launched a brand new podcast focusing on independent soul and soul infused music. The iLive 5X5 is a joint venture between Toronto based iLive Music & the Independent Hype based out in the UK. The iLive 5x5 is a compact 10 minute journey through the latest hot sounds in the world of independent soul music, including segments such as the Hot 5, Artist of the week & Feature Friday. Chief Strategist […]

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Album of The Month


Hailing from the West Coast in California, SUPERGOOD4UTHING is a collaborative project featuring _xae_ & okaymags Futuristic, obscure but SUPER SOULFUL ... This is their 12 track release available on all digital platforms   Tune in to every Tuesday at 2:00pm and Thursday at 6:00pm EST for our Album of the Week,  SUPERGOOD4UTHING Web: TuneIn: Alternative Listening Link:

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iLive Music

Single Of The Week: Bound – Joanna Majoko

This week's Single of the Week  - Bound - Joanna Majoko You already know we are super fan's of Joanna Majoko's work, this her second release from her upcoming EP “Bound,” a sexy, wistful song, was inspired by a friend who was leaving Toronto for an arranged marriage, and of the rewards and sacrifices that accompany the notion of being bound to family and responsibility.   Tune into all week for our Single of the Week… Bound - Joanna […]

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Feature Friday

Feature Fridays: Tall Black Guy

Groove your way home to the sounds of iLive Feature Fridays!  Each and every Friday evening from 5:00 PM PM EST | 3:00 PM GMT we feature new music, new albums & interviews to get you through that rush hour traffic... This week we feature: Tall Black Guy       Tune in this Friday evening from 5:00 PM PM EST | 3:00 PM GMT for our Feature Friday special on Tall Black Guy

todayDecember 1, 2018

Artist of The Week

Artist Of The Week: Sound Of SuperBad

From the words of Super Bad themselves. It all began back in 1975 when I was just 6 years old. My Dad owned the K-Tel ‘Super Bad’ album in his small record collection (which was very varied, to say the least!) I also remember a wooden, four legged, all-in-one record player that was the size of a small snooker table pushed right up against one of the lounge walls. It had a built in cassette deck, an AM/LW and FM […]

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