Kwaku, Khareme & Ezra


Kwaku – DJ Spinner.
A veteran Toronto club & event DJ and multi-instrumentalist.
He has a passion for bringing people together through music and enjoys taking people on live mix journeys, moving people, both literally and figuratively.

Khareme Lambie – The Voice.
Voice-over artist for over 15 years and music devotee his whole life.
He love discovering different genres, styles, beats and rhythms all rooted in soulful expression. There are few things better to him than being surrounded with meticulously crafted sound.

Ezra Clark – The Architect.
Creator of events and communities and formerly a Montreal club promoter of House and  OldScool.
Living in Toronto for many years, he’s founded several lifestyle networks that connect people and possibility.  God made him Funky, so when the music calls him, he can set it off on the dancefloor!

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