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Blueprint Radio is your ultimate destination for an authentic and unfiltered exploration of hip-hop culture. Dive deep into the beats, rhymes, and stories that define this genre and its impact on society. Hosted by passionate hip-hop enthusiasts, Reid Roses & Matic Blueprint Radio takes you on a journey through the evolution of hip-hop, from its roots to its global influence today. Tune in to Blueprint Radio every Friday from 10pm […]


Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, Roses brings a wealth of music knowledge and practical skill. As a lover of music and performer, Roses studied Radio Broadcasting and Communications at Mohawk College and furthered his education, earning a BA in Business Communications at Brock University. As a self-proclaimed rap aficionado, Roses hopes to bring a different viewpoint to Hip Hop music and culture.



With familial roots deeply embedded in music, Matic’s destiny is to make his mark in the Canadian music industry. Born and raised in the suburbs of Toronto with over 20 years of writing, producing, engineering, and performing, Matic’s studious approach to the art form has served him well. Matic’s focus now is to pay-it-forward by engaging with seasoned and up and coming artists to help create an inclusive and lucrative hip-hop culture that’s helped honed and shaped who he is today.

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