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Tune into Arosọ [Ar-Oh-So] on the first Saturday of the month from 10 pm to Midnight. Arosọ - Vanglorious Sounds program is based on sounds of the diaspora creating legendary movements from around the world. Afrobeat, Afrohouse and Bashment are just a few of the sounds curated to give you that upbeat bounce before heading out for the night. Kush Nubia aka Nubio is the host of Arosọ. Arosọ is a […]

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”   ― Frank Zappa

It takes passion, talent and skill to “edutain” club-goers in the self-proclaimed screwface capital of Toronto, Canada. In 2008, DJ/Producer Kush Nubia emerged as a virtual unknown and has since opened for Kahil El Zabar, Brownman, Whaleed Kush, Quartier Latin and Njacko Backo.

In 2009, Kush created a monthly party showcase known as the Upendo Movement. Upendo – Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds followed the path of Afro-fusion rhythms and aimed to bridge communities through music. The Upendo stage has seen the likes of Telmary Diaz, Kaysha Lee, Ogguere, CityFolk, Crossword and Nicola Nyx Songbird to name a few.

In June 2011 audiences were introduced Àjôyõ ™. Kush’s brainchild was motivated by the demand for Afro Deep house, Afro Soulful House, Afro/Latin/Brazilian Break Beat. The event also featured live percussion and dance.  Between 2010-2012, he was one of the most sought-after DJ’s of the genre holding residencies at notable venues including The Play Pen. Crowds have learned to love the unexpected from Kush, whose mash-ups include The Rolling Stones, Erykah Badu, the Bee Gees, and Stevie Wonder. He has quickly established a solid reputation for selections guided by sound, not dictated by era.

Wearing multiple hats is nothing new to Kush Nubia, whose other talents include the visual arts and spoken word, evident on a 1994 CD release put out by Fuzz Records. He’s also a former music columnist for a national publication, Sway Magazine. His musicianship began at an early age at the Royal Conservatory of Music where he learned acoustic and classical guitar. Family members who introduced him to a broad spectrum of musical artists from Charlie Pride to KISS developed his eclectic ear.

Like many innovators before him, Kush Nubia refuses to stay in one lane.  Considered a tastemaker in Toronto’s Afro-House scene, the multitalented DJ/Producer has embarked on yet another journey with a series of EPs through his publishing company Motosimba Music. While traces of his signature sound can still be heard throughout these latest projects, Kush is reaching back as he moves forward. The Toronto resident of Jamaican descent is now collaborating with vocalists while fusing Trap/Future beats with Hip Hop, Reggae and R&B to create a soundscape that can only be described as Future Dub.

With all the blessings Kush has received he sees the value of giving back.  In early 2010, Kush took part in the Music is the Answer charity event.  This event was to raise money for Haiti relief efforts.  This is one area Kush plans to continue to offer his talents

Today, Kush continues to deliver to the world the message of oneness through music.



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2014 “Duende:Promethean Phosphorus ep

2015 “KSH” ep compilation

2016 “Akwantu – The light, The Dark, The bloodlines” ep

2016 “STIM” ep

2018 “The Bridge’ ep

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